Prolifers need to understand that criminalizing abortion has a detrimental effect on foster kids. 

In the event of an unplanned pregnancy, you usually have three options: parent, adopt, or abort. If you take away the option to abort, you coerce these youth into either parenthood or adoption. Both are needlessly cruel because the youth may not be ready for parenthood (^ reread the statistics again if this is not clear). And to coerce adoption because the youth is not ready for parenthood is also cruel. An aged out youth does not have the option to adopt to relatives (they are in the system because of abuse, remember. Even distant relatives aren’t an option, otherwise they would have adopted/housed the aged out foster kids themselves). You are asking the aged out youth to trust the same system that failed them

Please stop suggestion adoption as if it is a perfect solution. It’s not. Part of the reason foster care has such a bad reputation is because the demand for foster homes is not being met. When the demand is not being met, the system becomes desperate for homes, and they become lax on their screening. In Canada, sex offenders are being accepted as foster parents, because the system is so desperate for homes. If you force EVERYONE to choose local adoption (foster care) as a solution to unwanted parenthood/pregnancy, you will increase the demand too much. This means more incidences of abuse, and more aged out foster kids. This causes a cycle of abuse and poverty.